Accident​/​Death of a Musician

by Traiken

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A double A-side, a diptych of music, much more composed and premeditated than my previous releases. These were not improvised; they were written.

Then why, you may wonder, is the first track called "Accident?" And what musician is dying? This all sounds a bit hypocritical and/or emo.
The first song recorded is the second listed, Death of a Musician. It was inspired by a conversation about attempting to record the sound of water in a metal bowl, and what would happen if electrocution occurred.
The second, the prequel, is all about the accident that led to this death.
At least, that is where the concept began. The music moved beyond its inspiration and became its own entity. These are merely the things I've come to call them - they can mean anything to you.
I just hate untitled art.


released August 23, 2014

Written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Rob Colvil. All artwork coincidentally also by Rob Colvil.



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